I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for visiting my site, I can’t tell you how excited I am that this day is finally here. I’ve been wanting to make a website since I started my instagram page almost 3 years ago. So welcome to my site 🙂


December 1999: My lovely mom and I making Christmas cookies.

I have always been interested in food, from a young age I was always so curious about different cuisines and ingredients. I think this curiosity came from watching Iron Chef. I got to see all these amazing creations and it made me turn to my Italian mother and ask for things like tacos, whole fish, or sushi for dinner, instead of pasta. The first job I ever wanted was to be a judge on Iron Chef. I thought they had the best job ever, they got to taste all this yummy food! The chefs had the tough job rushing to make multiple dishes in just an hour. Meanwhile the judges got to sit back and eat everything. At 10 years old I figured that was a dream job.

Fast forward two years, I was now in high school which meant I could be left home alone after school with a kitchen full of possibilities. I used to watch A LOT of Food Network TV. Not something your average 12 year old would watch. My favourite shows were “Eat Shrink and be Merry”, “Sugar with Anna Olson”, “Iron Chef”, “Barefoot Contessa”, “Ace of Cakes”, “Emeril Live” and many more. I’d watch these shows and then call my mom and pitch her these wild ideas, far beyond my cooking capabilities. One time I pitched homemade bread. She said no right away because she knew the mess I would make. Another time I called my mom to ask her how to make tomato sauce. I was 12 years old, I figured it was time. She quickly agreed this time! Less of a mess I suppose. So over the phone she told me step by step the family recipe. I made the sauce and couldn’t be more proud. At night my mom and I started cooking together more. For my High School IBO project I chose to make a healthy cook book. I guess you can say this is when I started taking photos of my food?! I need to find that book so I can see how far my photos have come aha. Every night we’d discuss dinner ideas. We’d bounce ideas back and forth and finally come up with something amazing. My dad and sister would have been totally pleased with chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes but my mom and I were on a creative streak. And we loved it. We did groceries together, cooked together, and ate together. Looking back it was these moments where I learned everything I know today. Thank you so much mom! I’m going to cry while writing this ahaha.

Once I got a smart phone I was constantly taking photos of my food. Granted they weren’t amazing, but that fascination was there. I guess it was only time that I would find a vessel to hold all these photos. Fast forward to 2016, I had been dating Jon for almost a year. He was very supportive of my cooking, and to be honest I think he liked the idea of having an Italian girlfriend who enjoys to cook, since his favourite meal is chicken parmesan. I would constantly send Jon photos of my creations. I’d always be so proud of them and wanted to show someone. Being the good boyfriend that he is, Jon would reply back saying wow that looks amazing, or can I come over. After a couple of months I started feeling bad sending him so many food pictures, that he never asked for aha. SO that is why I made an instagram account. It was a creative outlet for me to post all the photos I took and to share my recipes with other passionate foodies. I never would have imagined my account turning into what it is today. I barely took any time to come up with a name. I remember thinking, okay I have to pay homage to my mom and it has to be food related. Jellybean is the nickname my mom calls me, and eats…well I love to eat. I never imagined I’d be introducing myself to restaurant owners and agencies as Jellybean aha. In fact I had the account for a couple of months before telling friends and family. It’s funny how thing work out. Lastly,  thanks for all the support, from the day-ones, to the newest followers. I love you all!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,



*A note from my mom, Ida

To my jellybean, my shopping buddy and cooking partner. You have become so much more adventurous and creative than I will ever be … you are fearless in the kitchen and I could not be more proud . Congratulations on your new web page and your incredible instagram.  I will always be your mammabean ❤