Pizza Tipo 00

A West Island Family Style Restaurant Specializing in Coal Oven Pizza

I. Love. This. Pizza. Place.

Below I have curated a “trip down memory lane”, featuring all the Pizza Tipo 00 pictures I’ve taken over the years. I am so happy for this family owned and operated restaurant, they have grown into a big success in a such a short amount of time. Most recently, they were featured in La Pizza Week, Montreal. They won first place in the vegetarian pizza category, congrats Pizza Tipo 00! I had the pleasure of tasting the impending winning pizza back in July, my review to come later on in this post.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 4.07.09 PM
The cutest 🍕 place…@PizzaTipo00! I can’t wait to go back (I’m going to go try the Nutella pizza next 😍😍😍) Caption written and photo taken at Pizza Tipo 00 in September 2016, when they first opened. UPDATE, I still haven’t tried the Nutella pizza 😦
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 4.04.43 PM
I LOVE this meatball pizza. The sauce tastes like Nonna’s, the cheese is fresh and the meatballs are abundant. Caption and photo taken at Pizza Tipo 00 in January 2017.
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 4.09.49 PM
Pizza Tipo 00 October 2017, my first restaurant collaboration. It was very exciting, and this is when I discovered their pasta was also incredible. Since then I always order a pizza AND a pasta.


You can see now I have been going to Pizza Tipo 00 for years, making me a qualified critique…? Aha, without further ado, my review:

You don’t need to go downtown to find a restaurant with great ambiance, divine food, flare and a warm authentic atmosphere! Pizza Tipo 00 in Vaudreuil will give you all of that and more. Honestly, they have the tastiest pizza ever thanks to Marco the pizza king! They use Type 00 flour, the gold standard in pizza flour, in addition Marco cooks it in a 900 degree coal oven, this makes their crust charred, crispy yet chewy all at the same time.

The sauce and all the ingredients on the pizza are super fresh. The combination of ingredients is true and authentically Italian. Over time I’ve tried their sausage and rapini, the meatball, the margherita, and last night I tried the arugula and prosciutto. They are all fabulous!

Normally when I go I just order the pizza but when upon one visit our server told us what the pasta of the week was we had to try it…you’ll see why. It was fusili noodles with a spicy tomato sauce, broccoli, sausage, prosciutto, green olives and arancini “meat” balls. YES please?!

IMG_E9382If you’re like me and you can’t pick one appetizer, opt for the antipasto platter for two. It has a mix of everything; sausage, bocconcini, Italian olives, fresh prosciutto, and grilled vegetables. Everything is of the highest quality and authentically Italian


Upon this visit, the pasta of the week was a gnocchi made with semolina in the most delicious red pepper cream sauce topped with fried zucchini chips and green onions.  The chef said it best, a sauce does not need to be complicated to be delicious. A few good ingredients is the trick to a delicious sauce.


In conclusion, at Pizza Tipo 00 Chef Davide keeps it simple with good ingredients, how true Italian food is meant to be. The pizza and pasta are both delicious, always order both. You cant go wrong with the grilled veggie pizza. It’s special quality is achieved by cooking it in a 900 degree coal oven, giving it the perfect amount of char. I can see why it won first place in Montreals pizza competition, La Pizza Week. I love this restaurant so much! Come to Pizza Tipo 00 and expect to enjoy some extremely tasty food while listening to awesome music, surrounded by happy tables of people, served by the nicest staff.


Now I’m craving their pizza and can’t wait to go back.


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